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Wine Room Capacity Calculator Which Can Dete...

LRC Coil's Website Now Offers Online Wine Room Capacity Calculator

25 September 2010

Wine Room Capacity Calculator Which Can Determine Room Loads and Capacities Instantly Now Available On LRC Coil's Website

Santa Fe Springs, CA - LRC Coil’s new website (www.lrccoil.com) now offers a Wine Room Capacity Calculator that instantly determines room loads and capacities, enabling builders to know the wine room cooling equipment requirements based on their exact specifications.

“LRC has harnessed the power of the internet to instantly provide wine room equipment specifications to builders at the click of a button,” according to George Aburto, Director of Engineering at LRC Coil. “Our new Wine Room Capacity Calculator makes it easy for builders to see how different wine room parameters and options will affect a room’s cooling and humidity equipment needs.”

LRC Coil’s Wine Room Capacity Calculator asks for room specifications such as room width, depth and height, ambient temperatures, desired room temperature, wall and ceiling construction, heat loads and other questions. Once the room parameters have been entered, LRC’s Wine Room Capacity Calculator instantly provides the “Total Capacity Required (BTU/Day)” and “Refrigeration System Size (based on a number of Hours/Day run time) and (BTU/hour)”.

“This Capacity Calculator will enable builders to save a tremendous amount of time waiting for equipment estimates,” according to George Aburto. “This new Capacity Calculator will enable builders to provide better service because they can get a quote to their customers in hours instead of days.”

To access LRC Coil’s Wine Room Capacity Calculator, visit www.lrccoil.com and click on the “Log In” button. Once the requested information is entered, there will be a “Size Your Wine Room” button on at the top of the page. to enter the information on your wine room. If you have any questions, please call 562-944-1969.

About LRC Coil
LRC Coil has designed and manufactured heat transfer solutions for over 50 years, and specializes in replacement and OEM coils, evaporators, air cooled condensers and fluid coolers as well as a wide variety of custom equipment for the HVACR industry. From a small replacement coil for a refrigerated display case to large air handlers or military/aerospace equipment, LRC Coil has the expertise and the capacity to design and build just about any piece of HVACR equipment. For more information on LRC Coil, call 562-944-1969 or visit www.lrccoil.com.

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amilcar cifuentes 06 February 2013, 22:53
there is a problen with the heat load calculation it is not responding